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Shree Mahalaxmi Steel Industries is one of the best HR Sheet Manufacturers in Nangloi, Mundka, Delhi, who is known for premium Hot Rolled Sheets. If you are in search of top-notch HR Sheets in Delhi, Ludhiana, Meerut, Bhiwani, Indore, Himachal Pradesh, Rohtak, Haridwar, Satna, and so on, that combine strength, durability, and versatility, you've come to the right place.

Our sheets are manufactured to the highest industry standards, ensuring you get the quality and reliability you need for your projects. Our Mild Steel HR Sheet is crafted with precision, using state-of-the-art technology and the finest materials.

What Is An HR Sheet?

Hot-rolled sheet refers to steel that is processed at high temperatures, typically above its recrystallization temperature and passed through rollers to achieve the desired thickness. This process results in a scaled surface finish and less precise dimensions compared to cold-rolled sheets. It is commonly used in structural applications such as construction, shipbuilding, and pipelines due to its relatively lower cost and ease of production.

Tips To Maintain Your HR Sheet

  • Clean regularly to prevent corrosion
  • Apply rust-resistant coatings
  • Store in a dry environment
  • Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals
  • Handle with care to prevent damage
  • Inspect for signs of wear regularly

What Sizes And Thicknesses Are Available For Hot-Rolled Sheets?

Our HR Sheets are available in various sizes and thicknesses to suit different applications. Common thicknesses range from 1.6 mm to 16 mm, although thicker sheets are also produced for specialized purposes. Standard widths typically vary from 1000 mm to 2000 mm, with lengths ranging from 2000 mm to 12000 mm. We, the trusted HR Coil Manufacturer in India, offer custom options as per your industry.

Features of HR Sheet

  • Known for their long-lasting and robust properties
  • They can withstand high temperatures
  • Malleable, that’s why easily shapeable
  • They resist rust and corrosion
  • Have good electrical conductivity
  • Suitable for diverse industrial uses

Why Choose Us?

  • We constantly pioneer new solutions
  • We prioritize your needs and satisfaction
  • Our products meet high standards
  • We have a skilled, dedicated workforce
  • We ensure punctual product delivery
  • We offer cost-effective solutions

Best Hot Rolled Mild Steel Sheet Manufacturers in Delhi, India

When it comes to structural integrity and longevity, Hot Rolled Products are the go-to choice. Every sheet we produce is of exceptional quality, meeting or exceeding industry standards. They offer excellent resistance to wear and tear, making them ideal for demanding environments. We offer a wide range of HR Sheet sizes to accommodate your project requirements, whether you are in Kashipur, Karnal, Bathinda, Hisar, Kundli, Pataudi, Madhya Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Ghaziabad, Mohali, Aligarh, Bahadurgarh, Baddi, Faridabad, Moradabad, Dehradun, etc.

Whether you need small sheets for a DIY project or large sheets for industrial use, we, the best Mild Steel Hot Rolled or HR Sheet Manufacturerand Supplier in India, have you covered.

Applications For HR Steel

  • Construction: Beams, columns, and structural components
  • Automotive: Chassis and frame components
  • Manufacturing: Machinery and equipment
  • Pipes and tubes
  • Railroad tracks and components
  • Agricultural equipment
Difference Between HR And CR Sheets

Both HR and CR sheets are steel sheets. The key difference lies in the manufacturing process:

  • Hot rolled: uses high temperatures during rolling, resulting in a rougher surface finish but good formability and affordability.
  • Cold rolled: CR Sheet in Delhi at room temperature, creating a smoother surface finish with tighter tolerances but reduced formability.
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To enquire about our Hot Rolled Coils and Sheets, request a quote, or discuss your specific needs, please contact our experienced team today. We, one of the top Hot Rolled Sheet Suppliers and Wholesalers in India (serving across Behror, Haldwani, Alipur, Uttar Pradesh, Gurgaon, Gwalior, Saharanpur, Ambala, Jewar, Uttarakhand, Jodhpur, Palwal, Kanpur,, and so forth), are here to assist you.

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